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Lavender Cologne 150 ml

Lavender Cologne 150 ml
Lavender Cologne 150 ml
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Meet the Agarta Lavender Cologne Refreshing Breeze!

Agarta Natural 80 Degree Lavender Cologne is the best friend to your skin with its miraculous effects. Lavender scented cologne is one of the most preferred cologne types with its refreshing and relaxing properties. After the Lavender Soap and Lavender Shower Gel products that you love to use, now the magnificent lavender scent is with you with Agarta lavender cologne.

You Won't Believe the Benefits of Lavender Cologne

The lavender oil used in the cologne helps relieve minor burns and insect bites.

The scent from the oils of the lavender plant gives a feeling of calmness and vitality.

It is effective in reducing stress, anxiety and pain that have become part of our daily lives.

Thanks to the ingredients in Agarta 80 Degree Lavender Cologne, it helps the skin to regain its natural shine and vitality, while at the same time it supports the acquisition of skin beauty.

Lavender cologne has insomnia-relieving properties and is especially recommended for those who have sleep problems.

It helps to relieve headache when applied by massaging the neck and forehead.

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