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80 Degree Aqua Cologne 150 ml

80 Degree Aqua Cologne 150 ml
80 Degree Aqua Cologne 150 ml
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Refresh with Original Ocean Scented Agarta Aqua Cologne

Agarta Aqua cologne (80 degrees) is one of the most preferred cosmetic products not only for its relaxing and cooling effect, but also for protecting us from microbes during the pandemic period.

Aqua cologne is indispensable for our homes and offices due to its place in our culture and hygienic use.

Mysterious World of Fragrances 80 Degree Aqua Cologne

The scent of the modern era, Agarta Aqua Cologne, while giving freshness to the whole body at the first moment, also awakens your senses with its sharp scent.

It helps to prevent unwanted odors such as sweat.

It seduces your skin with its soft touch and cooling effect.

Agarta 80 degrees Aqua cologne is a product that has been preferred for generations, especially in hand and skin hygiene.

With its pleasant scent, it is suitable for well-groomed men to use after shaving.

It adds elegance to your home with its special bottle.

You can use it daily in your home, as a gift when visiting guests or give it to your loved ones on special occasions.

Agarta Aqua 80 degree cologne product, which can be used by all age groups, has a disinfecting feature.

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