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Natural Sunscreen

 Natural Sunscreen
Natural Sunscreen
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Natural Solar Reflection System

Features and Benefits 
Agarta Sunscreen is a barrier to the skin with its pure oils and natural UV-A, UV-B filters and the sun's rays are reflected back from the skin surface. Thus, it helps to protect the skin from the harmful and harmful effects of the sun. It does not give a feeling of tallowiness with its refreshing smell. It is also suitable for children and you can use it safely.

Skin Color
Light Skin
Light brown skin
Dark skin

Sunbathing Time
Msx 15 min at 1 time
Msx 25 min at 1 time
Msx 35 min at 1 time
30-40 min
1-1.5 hours
2-2.5 per hour
Usage quantity
Use 15-20 minutes before sun exposure. For each 10 cm 2 of the skin, take approximately 1 g (as much as the size of chickpeas) to the skin. The average water resistance is 40 minutes. Children should be re-used every 80 min

Why Agarta Sunscreen?
    It is natural.
    Does not contains paraffin.
    It does not contains PARABEN.

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