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Natural Hotel Boucle Argan Cream

 Natural Hotel Boucle Argan Cream
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Natural Hotel Boucle Argan Cream
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Argan oil
The Argan tree is a species of wood that is in the south of Morocco, which is the only one in the world, and it is protected by UNESCO for its extinction. argan oil obtained from the fruit seeds of the tree is quite valuable. Argan oil is produced in Morocco by hand mills using traditional and laborious methods, and 1.5-2 kg of pure argan oil can be obtained from 100 kg of fruit. Today, cosmetic products that are preferred worldwide, have argan oil.

Features and Benefits
Organic argan, jojoba and shea oils are rich sources of vitamins and nourishes and strengthens the skin.
In daily use, it protects the skin against adverse weather conditions like sun, wind, cold.
With its natural vitamin E source, it contributes to keep the skin young.
It is a powerful moisturizer.
Suitable for all skin types.

Why Agarta Cream Argan?
    It is natural.
    It does not contain PARABEN.
    Does not contain animal fat.

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