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Natural Hotel Boucle Toothpaste

 Natural Hotel Boucle Toothpaste
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Natural Hotel Boucle Toothpaste
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Natural, healthy mouth and dental care...
Natural toothpaste for sensitive tooth with special vegetable oils for oral and dental health.

Features And Benefıts.

    Contains vegetable oils that are useful for oral and dental health.
    Helps tartar formation.
    It is effective in preventing gingival bleeding.
    Helps tooth decay.
    Provides excellent whiteness and hygiene.
    Breath refreshes, relieves bad breath.
    Provides all-day protection for sensitive teeth.
    The effects are noticeable for several weeks of use.

Why Natural and Safe?
    It is natural.
    Does not contain fluoride.
    SLS, SLES etc. It does not contain.
    It does not contain PARABEN.
    Does not contain artificial foaming.

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