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Marka: Agarta Model: AGRT-DGL-YZ-MSK
Green Clay Mask For Oily Skin…The clay, which is found in our country intensively, has been used for beauty since antiquity, and even Cleopatra used the clay regularly. Even if centuries go by, clay is still used as an effective care product.Features and BenefitsProvides the balance of the sebum to ..
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Marka: Agarta Model: AGRT-DGL-RGN-YG
The little secret of your beauty…Pure, natural argan oil obtained from the fruit of Argan tree.Argan Tree and Argan OilThe Argan tree, which is in the south of Morocco, which is the only one in the world, has been protected by UNESCO for its extinction. Argan oil obtained from the fruit seeds of the..
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Marka: Agarta Model: AGRT-DGL-ZN-YG
The miracle of olive oil…Ozone Oil is pure olive oil combined with ozone gas. When the ozone gas is injected into olive oil, it gains natural bio activity through the active oxygen molecules that binds to the molecules of oil acids.Features and BenefitsIt moisturizes your skin to provide a flexible ..
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Marka: Agarta Model: AGRT-DGL-PLNG-J
Natural Peeling For A Smooth Skin…Cleans the pores deeply thanks to the particles inside, provides shine of the skin.Features and BenefitsSkin cells covered with natural cellulose covered micro capsules with vitamins in It supports the formation of new cells.Balances skin color.The vitamins inside t..
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Marka: Agarta Model: AGRT-DGL-GNS-BK
Natural Solar Barrier & Repair ComplexFeatures and BenefitsContains pigmentation stimulating vegetable oils to help accelerate the tanning. It supports renewal and restructuring of your skin with its pure oil and vitamins. Aloe Vera extract, Oil complex and Provitamin-B5 triad nourish the skin a..
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Marka: Agarta Model: AGRT-DGL-GNS-KR
Natural Solar Reflection SystemFeatures and Benefits Agarta Sunscreen is a barrier to the skin with its pure oils and natural UV-A, UV-B filters and the sun's rays are reflected back from the skin surface. Thus, it helps to protect the skin from the harmful and harmful effects of the sun. It do..
Ex Tax:110.17TL
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