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Marka: Agarta Model: AGRT-DGL-H-CLT
Features and BenefitsThe glycolic acid creates an exfoliating effect and helps to reduce the intensity of brown spots with ascorbic acid (vitamin c).Alpha-arbutin provides flawless skin with anti-glare and skin lightening effect.The diacetyl boldine obtained from the shell of Chile's boldo tree. It ..
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 Natural Aloe Vera Moisturizing Skin Cream
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Marka: Agarta Model: AGRT-L-VR-NMLND
Full protection with Aloe Vera…With natural anti-irritant Aloe Vera in its formula, it contains more than 70 elements that relaxes and moisturizes sensitive skin.Features and BenefitsHelps moisturize the skin and restores its natural appearance.The high levels of aloe vera, jojoba and shea are rich ..
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Marka: Agarta Model: AGRT-DGL-RGN-BS
Argan oilThe Argan tree is a species of wood that is in the south of Morocco, which is the only one in the world, and it is protected by UNESCO for its extinction. Argan oil obtained from the fruit seeds of the tree is quite valuable. Argan oil is produced in Morocco by hand mills using traditional ..
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Marka: Agarta Model: AGRT-DGL-GNDZ-K
The natural protector of your skin all day long…Day care cream has anti-aging effect, it moisturizes and protects your skin.Features and BenefitsHyaluronic acid moisturizes, nourishes and adds flexibility to the skin.Protects the skin from environmental influences and adverse weather conditions.Fill..
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Marka: Agarta Model: AGRT-DGL-GZ-CVR-2
Anti-Aging effective triple natural care…Triple Effect: Anti-Aging effective moisturizing, protecting and smoothing eye cream.Features and BenefitsHyaluronic acid prevents wrinkles by strengthening the elasticity of the skin.It helps you to have a healthier and smoother eye area with natural fat ble..
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 Natural Intensive Hand Cream
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Marka: Agarta Model: AGRT-DGL-YGN-BK-2
Intensive Hydrating Hand CreamThanks to the aloe vera, shea butter, jojoba, provitamin B5 and glycerin, it prevents to your hands a natural care.Features and BenefitsHerbal hand cream provides to your skin a silky touch and softness by moisture requirement of your skin.Protects your skin from proble..
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Marka: Agarta Model: AGRT-DGL-LVNT-K
Sebum Balancing & Nourishing & Moisturizing skin care cream...Thanks to the special formula prepared by using pure lavender, it provides a real refreshment to your skin.Features and BenefitsBy moisturizing the stressed and damaged skin, it reverts the skin its natural look.The high concentra..
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Marka: Agarta Model: AGRT-DGL-NMLNDR-2
Features and BenefitsShea, aloe vera and coco provides the moisture needed by the skin.Leaves a perfect feel with elegant texture.Compatible with skin, easily absorbed and does not leave feeling greasyWith its well smell, it relievies both your skin and your soul.Why Agarta Natural Moisturizing Body..
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Marka: Agarta Model: AGRT-DGL-GC-KRM
During the night you refresh your skin while you sleep.Night care cream has anti-aging effect, it helps moisturize and protect your skin.Features and BenefitsThanks to Hyaluronic acid, it helps the deep lines in your skin to decrease and get a smooth appearance.Helps you renew your skin during the n..
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Marka: Agarta Model: AGRT-DGL-RSH-KR
Ancient beauty from nature…Red Reishi Mushroom, which forms the essence of Cream Reishi, is known as the elixir of youth because of its feature of retarding aging.Features and BenefitsSlows down the formation of wrinkles in regular use.It nourishes the skin with rich vitamin E content.It gives a vel..
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Marka: Agarta Model: AGRT-DGL-GL-KRM
Rose Damascena the miracle of the nature..Rose plant is a natural antioxidant due to its vitamins such as A, B3, C, D and E, and it is a healthy care product especially for sensitive skin.Features and BenefitsIt prevents sebum balance and sebaceous skin problems.Vitamin E nourishes the skin and help..
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